Pinay flees from Saudi employer due to work overload — report

Police in Dhahran in Saudi Arabia are now investigating a Filipina household worker who fled from her employer, a Saudi news site reported Sunday.

Arab News reported the Filipina, 27, contacted it for help but did not mention at the time that she had decided to run away from her employer.

Labor Attache Alex Padaen told Arab News the police will get in touch with the Filipina's employer.

"The HSW [household service worker) will be endorsed to the Saudi Social Welfare Administration (SWA) If the employer doesn’t want to issue her an exit visa,” Padaen said.

He added that while the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) will monitor developments on the case, it is not directly involved in processing paperwork for the Filipina's repatriation.

“The rules changed after the crackdown on illegal workers last year. However, we, at the POLO-ERO, monitor the developments on the cases involving Filipinos,” he said.

Arab News quoted the Filipina as saying she was made to clean a three-story house, wash clothes and look after a baby.

She was picked up by police after she had a limousine driver drop her off at a Philippine school.

Before a Saudi crackdown on illegal workers, runaway Filipino household service workers sought help from the POLO, which provided them shelter and food.

Welfare officers would then get in touch with the employers to see if they were still interested in keeping their employee.

Employers who no longer want to keep the worker would then be asked to issue an exit visa. Joel Locsin /LBG, GMA News


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