Humanap ka ng panget: Study shows handsome men have poor sperm

Andrew E may have been right all along.

Gentlemen, be warned: you may have the looks, but do you have the touch?
A new study has suggested that good-looking men may have poorer-quality sperm, The Huffington Post reported.
The study was published in the September 2014 issue of the Journal of Evolutionary Biology.
"To [the] best of our knowledge, this is the first demonstration of the phenomenon," the Huffington Post quoted study co-author Dr. Jukka Kekalainen as saying.
Kekalainen is an adjunct lecturer in the Centre for Evolutionary Biology at the University of Australia in Crawley.

'Anthropometric analysis'
In their study, the researchers also wanted to see if men's sperm quality was related to their handsomeness.

"And we found that in fact it is," Kekalainen said in the email.
Researchers from Spain, Australia, and Colombia analyzed semen from 50 Caucasian students recruited from the University of Valencia.

The researchers made an "anthropometric analysis" of the facial characteristics of the 50 men, quantitatively measuring their eyes, cheekbones and nostrils as well as other "masculine" features.
They then showed photos of the men's faces to heterosexual men and women in their 20s.
Female evaluators were asked to rate the men as if they were looking for a long-term mate while the male evaluators were asked to rate the men as they thought women would rate them.

Handsomeness vs. sperm production
The researchers found that men who were perceived to be more sexually attractive also had poor semen quality, possibly because the high levels of testosterone that aid in the development of more masculine facial features also hinder proper sperm production.
According to the study's abstract:
(F)acial masculinity was negatively associated with semen quality. As increased levels of testosterone have been demonstrated to impair sperm production, this finding may indicate a trade-off between investments in secondary sexual signalling (i.e., facial masculinity) and fertility...
However, the study doesn't suggest that women go for less handsome guys: that's a topic for a whole new set of research.
"we would need more studies to demonstrate the causation and mechanism behind this finding...before giving any mating tips to the females," Kekalainen said. Joel Locsin/TJD, GMA News

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